Unlocking Local

With visibility to thousands of events (such as car shows, golf tournaments, races and rodeos) taking place in communities all across the country, we provide supplier teams with a new and unique source of localized intelligence that helps them identify and capitalize on growth opportunities on a store-by-store basis.

By understanding how department, category and item sales are impacted by these local events, companies can boost sales by ensuring the proper inventory levels and negotiating for much coveted display space.

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Athlon Sports recently published the “Top 25 College Football GAMES of 2014,” and we’ve developed a list of the Walmart stores (more than 1,250 unique stores in all) that are 100 miles or less from the HOME TEAMS’ campus.

There are 1,958 Walmart stores within 200 miles of the college football programs that make up the SEC (Southeastern Conference).

There are 2,347 Walmart stores within 100 miles of an NFL stadium.

There are 727 Walmart stores within 50 miles of a Major League Baseball stadium.